Instructional Design: Analysis, Development, Design, Implementation
Project Overview
  • Industry: Travel and hospitality
  • Initial request: Train customer service associates on all possible destinations someone could call and inquire about.
  • Challenge: The has properties in hundreds of locations around the world, and senior leadership wanted a training module for each distinct location... but would hundreds of training modules lead to the desired results?
My Contributions: Analysis Phase
I proposed two basic approaches after gathering initial insights and data; one option was to proceed with one training module per destination, as requested, but another approach, "Learning by Exploring," centered around activities and resources useful for learning more about any destination, offering flexibility for each customer service team and center. Senior leadership was amenable to this diplomatic response to the initial request and, fortunately, opted for the "Learning by Exploring" approach.
My Contributions: Design, Development & Implementation Phases
I was responsible for the solution design and development of the coordinating deliverables. Refer to Destinations for Trainers for a peek (screenshots) of some deliverables associated with this project.

Destinations training was implemented through the organization's LMS just prior to COVID's initial impact on the travel and hospitality industry.
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