Technical Upgrade

Instructional Design: Design, Development
Project Overview
  • Industry: Aerospace
  • Initial request: Support training for an enterprise system upgrade impacting dozens of applications supporting financial and business operations
  • Challenge: The window for training development and implementation was squeezed by a fixed 'go live' date and delays on the IT side of the project.
My Contributions
My greatest contributions to the project overall were twofold: (1) a clear outline of what was in scope vs. out of scope, and (2) the formulation of a very simple rule of thumb for articulating the level of user impact. While initially outlined for communicating training plans and updates, the scope details and "User Impact" scale were quickly adopted by the project leads and project managers for broader use. From an L&D perspective, organizing and prioritizing training development around user impact resulted in effective allocation of resources; we didn't develop too little or too much training - it was just right!
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