Sales and Service Introduction

Instructional Design: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation
Project Overview
  • Industry: Travel and hospitality
  • Initial request: Create a unified introduction to customer service and sales for use by each of the global customer service centers
  • Challenge: Senior leaders differed on what the purpose of introduction was - should new associates be introduced to systems and processes or, instead, should they be introduced to the service culture?
My Contributions
First things first - the purpose of the training module had to be solidified or success might never be possible! I started by interviewing leaders and documenting insights shared by individuals. Two potentially themes emerged: Processes & Tools, and Culture & Role. Because the training module could be no longer than two hours in duration, a decision had to be made. I pitched the two approaches to the leadership team, and they opted for the Culture & Role focus. From there, I designed a learning solution tailored to the selected focus and outcomes.
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